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You know what it's like? Always under pressure, always on the go, always stressed? The answer: raspberries. Read the article …


You know what it's like? Always under pressure, always on the go, always stressed? The answer: raspberries

Thousands of years ago, life seemed easier. Strolling through nature during the day, looking for berries and edible plants or hunting and killing animals. Towards evening, carry the prey home and enjoy a rest after eating the meal. If food for several days was found, then rest could last a little longer. Until it was time to get active again and get back on the road with the only goal being: new food. A natural change between goal-oriented activity and satisfied peace, in rhythm and in harmony with the world.

Rest? Not any longer!

But what remains of this idyllic - admittedly simplified - picture today? Actually nothing. The food problem is almost over for most people in the western world. Food is always available and since we no longer have to hunt it ourselves, the effort has also become much reduced. But also resting after eating the meal has gone. Because even when our storerooms are full, we cannot rest until they are empty.


Always under pressure, always on the go, always stressed? The answer: raspberries. Read the article …

Never-ending tasks and activities

Because today our lives are very different. We go to work, so we are active there, have leisure activities, children and family to look after. Holidays need to be planned, parties and celebrations organised, friendships cultivated and the house cleaned. We have never-ending tasks and call it everyday life, better still stressful everyday life. But this everyday life is constantly pelting down on us, it does not change from active to passive and everything is never really done, so that we can put our legs up and rest satisfied. We skip the rest periods and just keep going. Nothing with a natural rhythm.

Not only does everyday life with its duties occupy us, but also we ourselves. Because we also want to be satisfied and happy. Achieve things for ourselves and have a great life. In addition to everyday life, there is the self-made pressure of finding out what could make us satisfied and then pursuing these goals. So we are always active, always searching, always pursuing goals and working through everyday life.

Activity equals dissatisfaction

But what we often don't notice about this is the fact that we no longer have peace and that peace and satisfaction are closely connected. What used to be the change of activity, like pursuing goals, and peace, a state of satisfaction after reaching the goals, is now only activity to get everything under one roof. At the same time, we must be aware that activity always means a certain degree of dissatisfaction - we have not yet achieved the goal or have not yet completed the task. And that only in a state of calmness, does the longed-for feeling of satisfaction arises, because only then can we see what we have achieved and enjoy it. A bit, like after a meal. After a meal we are sated and enjoy peace and quiet and the least that would occur is to prepare the next meal immediately or to drive directly to the supermarket to get supplies.


Raspberry Philosophy: More rest and satisfaction. Read the article …

Destination reached ... next target

And when we achieve our goals or have successfully mastered everyday tasks. What next? Rest? Satisfaction? Take a break and regenerate? Usually not. Most of the time there are many other things we have to do at the same time and where we haven't reached our destination yet. And if it is the case that we catch a rare moment when everything is done. Then we have already forgotten how to rest, then the peace and quiet makes us panic and we... we quickly look for new goals to become happier and more satisfied.

Raspberries: Switching between doing and doing nothing

We need someone to teach us again that we can only live a truly balanced life in alternation between rest and activity: The Raspberry. Raspberries are good when we feel under constant pressure, are constantly on the go and really rush after our tasks, obligations, goals and wishes. When we are actually saturated, but instead of resting for a while, we immediately envisage new goals and chase after them. Yes, one can say that raspberries lead us back into the healthy alternation between activity and rest.

Without rest, no satisfaction

If we are always under pressure, it is almost impossible to achieve the satisfaction that only arises at rest. Raspberries help us to relieve the pressure and to calm down consciously. To realise that we achieve small goals every day and can, may and even have to sit back and relax. Because our natural rhythm does not mean chasing through life under as much stress as possible, but combining both aspects: the inner drive to achieve something and the joy and satisfaction when we have achieved something. Often we talk about our inner centre, which we would like to find. Keeping the balance between times of rest and regeneration and times of dynamism and activity is also part of this inner centre.


Find more rest and satisfaction with raspberries. Read the article …

Satisfaction is not a goal

Raspberries also help us to get order and clarity in our tasks, goals and obligations. They also raise the question of our orientation. What are our real and important goals that we really want to achieve. The goals that would make us pause, that would make us satisfied. Because our goal is often: satisfaction. But that is not really a goal. It is what happens when we have achieved our goals. Then, when we come in peace.

Only stress or just lethargy: raspberries

Raspberries regulate these two poles. Try to restore a change of action and rest. Whoever hangs in one of the two extremes, only rest or only action, or who finds it difficult to switch from one to the other, should make use of the powers of the raspberry and realise that rest goes hand in hand with satisfaction and action with dissatisfaction. That is based in our nature and in our being.


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