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Why Hildegard loves Spelt


Why Hildegard loves Spelt

Hildegard von Bingen was one of the leading healers of the Middle Ages. She led several monasteries with hospitals for the sick and had extensive and up-to-date medical expertise. For Hildegard, spelt was a nutritional powerhouse. She ate spelt several times a day and preferred it over any other grain. She even said of spelt that it improved spirits, caused cheerfulness and joy to dwell in people's hearts, and relieved the mind of tension. Spelt was for Hildegard not only a staple food above all others, but also one of the most important remedies in her repertoire. She was aware that every food can also have healing and restorative powers. She believed that every plant, every animal, and every stone can have a certain effect on humans and she did not exclude conventional foodstuffs from this category.

Why Hildegard loves Spelt

If we now look more closely at the effects of spelt on humans, we will soon see how well it fit Hildegard's life and convictions. Spelt promotes spiritual development and brings the soul back into contact with the divine. As a Benedictine nun, the focus on God was an essential part of Hildegard's life. From this connection with the divine, she drew strength, courage, and self-confidence. The spelt plant focuses attention on the soul, the innermost part of our being, and helps us to center ourselves. That's why spelt is also excellent when paired with meditation, yoga, or whenever we want to focus our gaze inwards. Here, too, it becomes clear that spelt was a very fitting plant of choice for Hildegard, because, throughout her life, she had spiritual visions which she also described as glimpses into the soul. Hildegard was therefore also considered a prophetess and was revered as a saint. The spelt helped her to see inside her soul and beyond with clarity.

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Nowadays, we rarely focus on our souls and our inner selves. We live externally, in everyday life, at work, and in a world full of external influences, and a sheer flood of information. It's all too easy to lose sight of yourself. Spelt can provide valuable inspiration to help us find our way back to ourselves, to perceive ourselves better, and rediscover our actual needs. Especially when everyday life becomes stressful, it is important to find our center again so that we can better cope with the challenges of daily life. Spelt is an ideal food and remedy for just this purpose. It promotes the balance of all the energy centers or chakras and leads us into peace and relaxation. Spelt not only opens the way to our souls and spiritual depths, but also provides powerful protection to our soul. This is especially important as we get exposed to many emotions, information, and competing energies and are unable to protect ourselves consistently when faced with high levels of stress. Having such a guardian angel is not amiss.

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Spelt is therefore good for anyone who wants to deepen their contact with themselves and learn more about themselves. Spelt can also be an important help when facing a heavy workload or burnout. Spelt helps us to keep hold and sometimes simply to stop, go deep within ourselves, and rediscover that sense of balance so necessary for taking good decisions. Especially when facing crises of self-confidence or emotional imbalances, the calm and protection afforded by spelt can help us find our own purpose and vocation. Spelt is thus a thoroughly spiritual plant that helps us to restore our emotional balance.

Spelt is once again enjoying a renaissance. There are spelt healing cures following Hildegard's models, but also a rediscovery of old traditions such as spelt porridge and Habermas, a recipe with cooked spelt flakes and apples. There is a broad range of spelt products now available. There are various spelt flours, spelt flakes, spelt grits, spelt noodles, puffed spelt, and even spelt milk available to buy. So if you want to be in better touch with yourself, you will certainly find plenty of options in the wide selection of spelt products and recipes available out there.

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