When and why you should use thyme. Read the whole story …

When and why you should use thyme

Indispensable in the mix of Italian spices: thyme. Thyme is actually an ancient medicinal plant and yet today we use thyme less for its effect than for its spicy aroma. But its relatives, sage, oregano, mint, marjoram and rosemary are not among our favorite spices by chance. They all belong to the labiate family, and for humans almost all species are medicinal plants. And are ones that will impress you.

Labiates - ideal medicinal plants for humans

The effect of labiates is very special. Because it refers to our consciousness. Only humans have a consciousness that surpasses all other living beings. But many problems arise from our consciousness. Fear of death, the uncertainty of the future and the certainty about the past, incriminating memories or the difficulty of functioning in society are only a few problems that our conscious life brings with it.

But this is exactly where the Mediterranean spice plants can help us, because they have an effect on our consciousness.

Labiates strengthen our ego and help us to control our emotions and feelings. Their focus is on fears and worries. Everyone carries fears and worries with them and it is difficult for us to put the fears aside, to let go and look at the future calmly. But this is exactly where the labiates support us.

"You are not alone" Spice

Feeling lonely and alone in this world. Almost everyone knows this feeling, but it is rarely discussed. But we are all single and individual humans and the feeling that we are alone from time to time is probably also quite normal. One also often thinks that in life we have to cope with everything on our own and have no help, left standing alone with fears and worries.

If these feelings occasionally occur, thyme should be quickly used. Thyme alleviates these feelings by showing us that we are not alone but strongly connected to nature, the world, other people and animals. It just seems like we are alone. In fact, we are not.

Loneliness makes one sad. And that is why thyme has long been a remedy for sadness. Thyme can be worth trying, especially for people who carry the feeling of sadness almost chronically and latently within them for many years.

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"Out of the comfort zone" Spice

"Get out of the comfort zone." A saying we have been hearing a lot lately. It explains how we often have new goals and want to change things in our lives, but somehow we don't manage to achieve them. Perhaps we are afraid of change; maybe we are sometimes too lazy and too comfortable. We are conflicted that we actually want to do something, but at the same time cannot do it. In the long run, this makes one rather dissatisfied with oneself.

Thyme is the ideal little helper here. It supports our willingness and motivation to change. Means now. It reduces the fear and insecurity of new experiences and gives us a powerful boost of positive energy and self-confidence so that we can approach our goals more easily and with ease.

Thyme helps us to overcome the "inner couch potato" that keeps us on the sofa and in stuck our daily routines, and it sends us on an adventure. Thyme also ensures that we get negative feelings such as insecurity, fear or unwillingness under control and that these feelings do not overpower us. This makes it much easier for us to experience new things and pursue our goals.

Try thyme when...

  • you want to change
    Thyme increases willingness to change.
  • you feel alone
    Thyme is a great remedy for loneliness.
  • you can't overcome yourself
    Thyme shows you the way out of your comfort zone.
  • you always compare yourself to others
    Thyme helps to not involve other people as the measure of all things. It helps one to stay connected with oneself.
  • you have lost faith in yourself
    Thyme provides self-confidence and confidence in the world, people and nature.
  • you want to do it all by yourself
    Thyme helps to view dependence on other people as natural and positive.
  • you live in the past
    Thyme focuses your attention on the present and the future and helps to let go of the past.
  • you do not know what to do
    Thyme indicates the direction in which you should go.
  • you are off balance
    Thyme brings things back into balance, especially emotionally and mentally.
  • you have lost touch with nature
    Back to nature. More connection to nature brings more joie de vivre, grounding and belonging.
  • you have lost lightness
    Thyme shows you the way to lightheartedness and serenity.
  • you need a boost of positive energy
    Thyme instills positive energy, new hope and love.
  • you are worried about your health
    Thyme provides security, confidence and makes you more resistant to worries.

This is how you incorporate thyme into your diet:

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Thyme is a spice of traditional, Italian-Mediterranean cuisine and it becomes clear why Italy is famous throughout the world for "La Dolce Vita" and the typical Italian way of life. Thyme can be used as a spice in many dishes. There are no limits to your creativity.

Thyme oil
Thyme can also be used as oil, which you can either buy or produce yourself. Simply fill olive oil with fresh thyme in a closed glass bottle and store for two weeks. Your own thyme oil is soon ready.

Thyme tea
If you want to enjoy the flavor of thyme very intensely, you can also make thyme tea. Simply place a teaspoon of dried thyme into a cup and pour boiling water over it. After five minutes strain and enjoy.

You can find unusual and delicious thyme recipes on my Pinterest pin board. You are welcome to drop by.



Important note:

All of the findings listed here are neither scientifically nor conventional medical evidence and form no basis for the treatment of physical and psychological symptoms, complaints or diseases. Under no circumstances do they replace the consultation of a physician, pharmacist or other medically trained personnel.

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