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Sweet cherries: Dissolve emotional blockages and stay in the flow. By Melanie Brombacher


Sweet cherries: dissolve emotional blockages and stay in the flow

We all want to be in the flow. Life is supposed to flow there. Ever since the great success of the magazine "Flow", the term has been an expression of a new attitude to life. We do not want any obstacles or problems. We long for everything to just flow. We want satisfaction, serenity and to enjoy life in its simplicity and plainness. We want the "flow feeling".

Why it is so difficult to stay in flow

But why is this "flow feeling" so difficult to achieve? More mindfulness, more respect for ourselves and the world in which we live, more living in the moment and enjoying the little pleasures of life. All this is good advice, but why can we not consistently remain in this position? Because there are always obstacles and problems in life. Above all, it is our own emotional problems that prevent us from enjoying every day in a carefree manner, full of joy. Problems in relationships, in the family, at work or with the children or even a stressful everyday life cause negative emotions to rise in us, which interrupt our beautiful flow and force us to stop.

Emotional problems hinder the flow

Negative feelings, such as injustice, feelings of guilt, emotional pain or fears first need to be overcome and dissolved before we get back into the flow. The easiest way to resolve such emotional blockages is sharing. According to the principle "a problem shared is a problem halved", we can process and dissolve negative experiences and feelings more quickly if we share them with others, that is, if we talk about them with others.


Sweet cherries: Staying in the flow. Read the article …

Faster overcoming of emotional blockages

By talking to other people about our problems and negative feelings, the tension and pressure created by them is alleviated and the energy can flow more easily again. Emotional problems cause something akin to a little energy blockage. The more blockages we build up, the more our whole system stagnates. At first, this means that lose our balance and our centre and no longer feel good. If emotional blockages persist, they can also lead to physical symptoms and diseases. It would therefore be ideal if we kept our emotional house clean and tidy at all times. And this works by being aware of our problems and tackling them directly.

Sweet cherries promote exchange

Exchanging thoughts with others is something like first aid for emotional problems. And this is exactly why we can consciously use the power of the sweet cherry. It helps us to share our emotional problems and worries with other people and therefore to deal with them faster and more effectively. The heart cherry makes us more aware of our emotional blockages that prevent us from being in flow. Heart cherries activate the exchange process and motivate us to share our problems with other people so that we can better deal with them. In the discussion, problems are put into perspective, they can be looked at from the outside and causes for our problems can be worked out. We also find better solutions for our concerns in discussions with others and develop joint strategies for dealing with our problems. All this helps to dissolve the small energy blockage and we find our centre again.

Melanie Brombacher: “Dissolve emotional blockages and stay in the flow with sweet cherries.”

Everything does not always have to go according to plan

Sweet cherries connect our emotional side, our heart, with our logical thinking, our head. We are more head-based people nowadays. We think linearly from A to B and think that the only right path is the straight path. But this is not intended by nature. Rather, our life usually does not develop in a straight line at all, but with many curves, detours or even setbacks. Most of the time our heads don't understand that so well. Because we often interpret anything that deviates from the straight path as absurd, pointless or failure.

Flow does not mean the straight path

Sweet cherries shift the focus more to our emotions and our intuition, because there is no linear thinking here. We then understand better that our lives do not have to develop linearly. There doesn't always have to be a plan for everything and it's not bad if everything doesn't go according to plan and to your own head. On the contrary. Being in flow also means that you flow with it. That one does not follow the path of the head, but simply follows the path wherever it leads.

Heart cherries: getting in sync with the rhythm

Being in flow also means that we live in our very own rhythm, virtually the opposite of a straightforward path. Unfortunately, we humans do not have a good feeling for rhythms. Neither for the rhythms of nature, nor for our own human rhythms. Here sweet cherries help us to get back into the completely natural and automatic rhythms and to simply accept perceived detours, regresses or changes of direction in life. Often it turns out much later that the path we took was the right one. Everybody knows the feeling that a circle is coming full circle. That suddenly everything in life fits together again and one suddenly recognises the meaning behind the many detours backwards. It would be wonderful if we could get more involved in the rhythms and paths of life right from the start and not pursue our plans in a manner that is too headstrong. That we can remain open to changes, sudden opportunities and chances and sometimes even a disappointment. That would really be in flow.

Sweet cherries: Flow Food. Read the article …

Sweet cherries: flow food

Sweet cherries dissolve emotional blockages that block our flow by encouraging us to deal with negative feelings and problems more quickly, by communicating with other people. This exchange of ideas also strengthens our nervous system and helps us to deal better with problems in the long term. Heart cherries also reduce the influence of our logical thinking and help us to give back more to the intuitive and rhythmic life. Simply flowing in the flow of life, with all its curves, waterfalls and currents. For me, heart cherries are just "flow food", because they put us on the right track in a very gentle way.

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