Oranges: Heart opener and solvent for fats. Find out …

How oranges clear out our storage space and warm our hearts

Oranges loosen up fat. That is why it is particularly beneficial to eat oranges during the winter time. This was especially true in earlier times, as naturally the food in winter was rather scarce. Therefore, it was particularly useful to eat oranges in winter, to increase the fat burning and to use the body's own resources in an optimal manner. Of course, this is no longer necessary today as we also have enough food in winter. Nevertheless, oranges are still one of the most popular winter fruit for us and today we can take full advantage of the fat-dissolving properties.

Oranges against cold

In winter, not only was there not much food but also it was and is still cold. Moreover, the sun-fruit can be helpful here as well. Oranges create warmth. They really provide warmth for the heart. This, of course, has a positive effect on our mind and well-being. We know many exercises from yoga that stretch and open the heart area. So-called heart opener exercises. This promotes blood circulation and detoxification in the chest area and thus ensures the health of our heart. Oranges have a similar effect. They are heart openers.

Oranges: Heart opener food. Find out …

Oranges open blocked hearts

One speaks of emotional heart blocks if one closes one's heart through negative emotions, emotional disappointments or a lack of love and affection, on the one hand, to relieve the resulting pain and, on the other hand, to protect one's heart and innermost being from further injury. Everybody knows about this protection mechanism. The other side of the coin is that our heart is now cooling and our ability to feel warmth, love and contentment is severely limited. We are protected but not happy. Another disadvantage of a closed heart is emotional cessation of healing. We have merely repressed heartache in the truest sense of the word but have not processed and overcome it. That is why it is so important to re-open your heart after a disappointment or injury. So that you can overcome the negative experience and become happy again.

Oranges open the heart and thus again start processes of heart healing. The mechanism is remarkably simple. They simply just warm the heart up again. It is like coming home, frozen through after a winter walk and cuddling up to the warmth of the heater. By the way, oranges also have a very positive effect if there is an icy and frosty mood in a room or between people. In addition, oranges contain a lot of potassium and that is necessary for our heart to beat in a strong and regular rhythm.

Body fat as a storage space

Oranges are particularly helpful in dissolving fats. We have used this property of oranges for a long time in the household. Orange cleansers are the perfect helper when it comes to removing and dissolving stubborn fat deposits. Orange cleansers are not only available in the commercial trade but can also be easily produced by yourself. The ability to dissolve fats works not only with house cleaning but also in the body. However, please do not drink any orange cleansers. This is much too concentrated and harmful to humans. Just stay with oranges themselves and orange juice.

Oranges: Clearing storage space. Find out …

Oranges help us reduce fat. However, what exactly does that mean? Rudolf Steiner, the founder of anthroposophy considered body fat much more holistically than we do today. Fat is not just annoying extra weight in his eyes. The deposition of fatty tissue has reasons. Seen holistically, the body fat tissue is something of a mixture in the house between the storage space and pantry. Everything goes there that we do not need currently but maybe need at a later date. In addition, all things land there that we cannot part with because we still have an emotional connection to things. The classic box with the remnants of past love, photographic albums or childhood memories. According to the phrase of inside just like outside, our fat deposits are therefore deposits for everything that is not needed or we want to push into the emotional parking space. Above all, negative experiences and memories that we have repressed, land in the fat deposit and are stored there, as well as everything that weighs on us and problems that we cannot solve.

Once a memory, experience or emotion has landed in the fat depot, they thus are locked away for us. It is very difficult to regain access to it. Almost like: Out of sight, out of mind. If, for example, a serious emotional disappointment has been repressed and landed in the body's own storage space, then we ourselves can consciously do nothing to change it. They have landed in the sub-conscious. We cannot bring the disappointment back, nor process it, nor let it go. We simply carry it around as extra load.

When we break down fat, for example, through a diet for weight loss, the body is forced to open the storage space and the stored information comes back into our consciousness, is re-integrated into the system and processed again. However, this only works if we also want to open the storage space. If we are not ready to face these memories and experiences then losing weight will not work very well either.

Oranges bring the unconscious up

Oranges with their excellent fat-dissolving power open our storage space and clear one box after the next. So now we are standing in front of a mountain of old things and have to look at everything again, if we want to permanently clear up. The box of memories of youth or an old piece of jewellery of the deceased grandma. Oranges make us recall the unconsciously stored memories, then finally process them and let them go. If you want to break down fat, you can use the power of the oranges but you have to be prepared for the fact that many old memories, feelings and experiences come back to consciousness. Anyone who is open-minded and allows past experiences to depart can quickly clean up their body's own storage space.

Heart opener and fat solvent: Oranges. Find out …

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