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Allium sativum


Everything is in order – Everything is fine

Internal order

Mental relaxation

Focus on the good and the positive

Defense against evil & negativity

Cleanse, sort, organize (Death Cleaning)

Common good

Turning away from purely material thinking

Stand upright and look upwards

Yoga: Urdhva Hastasana (mountain posture, looking upwards)

Mode of action as food / medicinal plant

  • Lightness: Those who have a strong inner order can deal better with change and can calmly face all challenges and help to shape and change society; a clear mental orientation to the good and well-being of all gives strength and clarity that evokes feelings of lightness; the feeling of lightness only occurs "when everything is in order"
  • Quick relaxation, like an arrow shot into the air; tension is sent upwards (reverse thunderbolt) by strong cooling processes (in high states of excitement, chaos, panic, strong emotions and all situations that generate high internal heat) => heat discharge upwards
  • No attachment to earth, to material life; dissociation of the material world and orientation towards the spiritual world; to withdraw from earthly conditions and orient them towards the spiritual
  • Independence; become spiritually autonomous; faster mental and spiritual development, by making oneself independent of the rhythm of the earth (human nature)
  • Rescue from unfavorable and difficult times, strong protection component; through the strengthening of the good and the positive, negative, destructive and evil energies are kept away (garlic used against vampires)
  • Powers of garlic are very similar to human nature: Garlic: straightening and orientation upward = mankind: walk upright and lift head (mental development)
  • Sense of law and order; strong structuring and organizing properties; from chaos and arbitrariness to structure, order and law; creating an internal order in the human being: organization, stability, structuring, everything has its place and its purpose
  • Focus on the good, dissociation of evil
  • Helps us to achieve more self-discipline, activity, diligence, perseverance, patience, austerity and accuracy; business plant: helps to reorganize a business; process management
  • People with inner disorder, too much focus on material things, little self-protection, poor functioning of the organ systems, full of negative energies and heavily burdened, cannot create their own order, cannot structure themselves
  • Create order => clean up; first clean up with yourself and internally, then clean up externally (house, apartment, workplace, relationships, etc.); works the other way around; Trend: Death Cleaning
  • Cleaning, clearing, sorting and organizing everything that contributes to the disorder
  • Garlic acts as an ordering, commanding, and educating force that helps us clean out, tidy up, and organize
  • Structuring and order: bringing everything into a functioning system
  • Self-discipline: maintain your own order
  • Securing order through protection + control
  • Not simply following the order of society or others, but first creating an internal order and then positioning oneself in society and in relation to others; finding one's place in society
  • Choosing the right direction: are you one of the good guys or the bad guys? Focus on the common good and realization that we can only survive together; the well-being of everyone as a goal, as opposed to the war of everyone against everyone else; realizing what the true and important values and goals are, what is really valuable

Personal information

Order Asparagus
Family Amaryllidaceae
Species Garlic Allium sativum
Closest relatives Leek, pearl onion, wild garlic, garlic chive, kitchen onion, winter onion, shallot, chive
Food Seasoning
Non Food Medicinal plant

Physical & health reference systems

  • Infections (bacteria, viruses, fungi)
  • Internal heat, tension and pressure disorders
  • Chronic diseases
  • Thymus
  • External energies and extraneous information
  • Skin
  • Joints
  • Nervous system
  • Digestive system
  • Female reproductive organs

Important note:

All of the findings listed here are neither scientifically nor conventional medical evidence and form no basis for the treatment of physical and psychological symptoms, complaints or diseases. Under no circumstances do they replace the consultation of a physician, pharmacist or other medically trained personnel.

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