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Melanie Brombacher, Food Philosophy


Hi. I'm Melanie.

I live with my husband near Karlsruhe in a small, idyllic place, which we like to call paradise. We built our house ourselves a few years ago and put a lot of love into our home. Since I love plants and gardening, this year we have finally laid out my farm garden and a small orchard. Lots of medicinal herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables now grow right here in the garden. Perfect for my work on Food Philosophy.

Although Food Philosophy is still a very young project, I have been working for over 10 years to explore the deeper connections between food and us humans. In the course of the years the research of these connections took up more and more space in my life and the more I researched, the more exciting I found the topic and the results. And so in 2017 I decided to found Food Philosophy and dedicate myself completely to the world of food and its effects on us.

Melanie Brombacher, Food Philosophy, Bauerngarten, farm garden


I love delving into books, searching for answers, researching late into the night. Yes, one could say thinking is one of my passions. But not the only one. I have always loved fashion and enjoyed designing our house, as I can let my creativity run wild here. For Food Philosophy I take most of the pictures myself and I take great pleasure not only in philosophising theoretically about food, but also in setting them up in a very practical way.

My life is completed by working in my husband's company - we build large open-air stages. As a teenager I loved nothing better than organising parties and today my husband and I live a real rock'n' roll life. Concerts, festivals and of course music are part of our life especially in summer and we enjoy the feeling of being on tour. You find yourself sitting in a strange city in hotel cafés or in large stadiums setting up the stage. It's perfect for me because I'm best at writing and thinking when there's a lot of hustle and bustle around me and you feel like you're sitting in the middle of life.

Happy to be connected with you.

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