Chia philosophy: That’s how chia seed affect mind, soul and awareness. Read the article …

Chia Philosophy: That’s how Chia seed affect mind, soul and awareness

Chia, a pseudo-cereal from the sage family, was a staple food of the Aztecs in Mexico in the Middle Ages. For centuries Chia was forgotten as food until the great renaissance of Chia began around the turn of the millennium. As a superfood with many health benefits, it is part of the Healthy Lifestyle movement and inspires many who want to attach more importance to healthy nutrition and a conscious life.

The siblings: Chia and Sage

Chia Salvia hispanica and the sage Salvia officinalis both belong to the labiate family and even belong to the same genus Salvia. The siblings are not only genetically like siblings, they also have similar effects. While we have long regarded the sage native to Central Europe as a medicinal and aromatic plant, chia is a new plant for Central Europe and thus also a completely new food. As you can read in the article "When and why you should use sage" sage is especially important if you want to keep a cool head and have to cope with a lot of information and emotions. But what effects on mind and soul do chia seeds have and is there a reason why we are starting to eat chia right now? Do we perhaps need it for our mental health?


It is known that Chia helps Mexican long-distance runners to run hundreds of kilometers. A real Mission Impossible for most of us. But how does the Chia do that? Chia helps us to know our goal exactly and to focus on it, even if the goal seems unattainable to us. This doesn't just apply when you're jogging. In normal life, too, we often face great challenges, a huge mountain and in view of the difficult tasks, our motivation decreases, we resign and perhaps even give up frustratedly without having started. Chia motivates us to keep moving towards the goal, to stay focused and to go further and further. Chia also strengthens us to go in our individual way, no matter what others do or say.

Chia philosophy: That’s how chia seed affect mind, soul and awareness. Read the article …

But just knowing the goal is not enough to achieve it. It takes strength and energy. And here is where chia proves to be a true medicinal plant. Chia gives us the strength we need to achieve our goals. It stabilizes us at all levels and supplies us with energy. In a more holistic way, Chia opens all energy chakras and makes it possible for us to absorb almost unlimited energy and connect all energy channels or meridians to an infinite energy source. Chia also makes sure that the energy reaches where we need it. Namely in the cells. This is also reflected in the blood sugar lowering effect of chia. The sugar as an energy source is brought into the cells, where we really need it.

Chia optimizes our energy supply and strengthens us on the emotional level so that we remain focused on our goals and approach them consistently. The core statement of Chia is: Mission possible!


But what does Chia have to do with the new trend of a conscious and healthy lifestyle? It's simple, that's exactly what Chia promotes. A conscious relationship with oneself and above all a conscious relationship with one's body. Chia draws our attention to our body, mind and soul. We are more aware that we eat a healthy diet, do sports, and be emotionally satisfied. We respect and satisfy our individual needs. Chia helps us to take better care of ourselves and observe ourselves. So Chia is not a part of the new healthy lifestyle trend, it’s a reason for that.

Chia philosophy: That’s how chia seed affect mind, soul and awareness. Read the article …


Chia is also a great communication plant that promotes exchange and interaction. Above all, Chia stands for a respectful exchange with others. Conscious attention and listening. Accept and consider the needs of others, but also formulate one's own needs calmly and clearly. Chia promotes a righteous coexistence and increases our tolerance by treating people with respect and esteem despite their differences. Chia supports a good and respectful relationship with other people, other living beings and nature. Here, too, the new lifestyle trend of a conscious and healthy life can be seen. In terms of time, Chia inspires us to live in the here and now and to open ourselves to life. Chia aims for harmony: Harmony with oneself, harmonious communication, harmony in living together with other people and harmony with other living beings and nature.

So Chia is not only a superfood because of its nutrient composition, but because of it’s emotional effects. It’s a holistic superfood.

Chia philosophy: That’s how chia seed affect mind, soul and awareness. Read the article …

Try Chia when...

  • you don't feel like it.
    Chia is a great motivator and helps you to overcome your unwillingness.
  • you think everything is pointless.
    Chia will help you find the meaning behind things.
  • you pay too little attention to yourself.
    Here Chia helps you focus more on yourself and your needs.
  • you have a problem opening up and sharing.
    Chia helps you bring your inner needs to the outside world.
  • you're not in the here and now.
    Chia makes you aware of the moment and brings you into the present.
  • you're eating an unhealthy diet.
    Chia draws your attention to what's good for you.
  • you don't think you can achieve your goals.
    Chia gives you the stamina and energy to achieve your goals.

My favourite to focus myself on my goals and myself:
Infused Water with chia, blueberries and lemon

Infused Water with chia, blueberries and lemon #missionimpossible #healthylifestyle Recipe, DETOX Water, SPA Water, EMO Water

You can find my favorite chia recipes on my Pinterest pin board. You are welcome to drop by.


Important note:

All of the findings listed here are neither scientifically nor conventional medical evidence and form no basis for the treatment of physical and psychological symptoms, complaints or diseases. Under no circumstances do they replace the consultation of a physician, pharmacist or other medically trained personnel.

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