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Apricot Philosophy: Be more yourself and feel more comfortable.


Apricots: Be more yourself and feel comfortable

The apricot is one of the fruits that I consciously incorporate into my diet. Apricots increase our sense of well-being and liberate us from commonplace by increasing our authenticity and simply allowing us to be more ourselves. They convey the understanding that personal development is part of our life, perhaps even the meaning of our life.

Fresh apricots - only for a short time

That's why I can't wait to get fresh apricots in June. As apricots do not keep for very long, they are only available as fresh fruit for a short period of time. I buy a large quantity to make homemade jam. If there is no apricot season, dried apricots can be used or they can be bought in tins. Canned fruits may have gone out of fashion, but since apricots are almost never available fresh, the can is a real alternative at this point.

We adapt to others

Apricots are ideal for people who have difficulty being themselves. This is usually easiest for us at home in our own four walls. But once we close the door behind us and surround ourselves with other people, it can be harder for us to stay ourselves. This may be because we try to adapt to our fellow human beings and this adaptation then goes a little too far.
When everyone whines, you whine with them. If everyone's talking about a great weekend, so is that. At that moment we don't care if we are in a bad mood or if the weekend was really so great. We adapt ourselves to be accepted and to belong to it. But we ourselves know that it was not quite like that and this knowledge leads to a decrease in our well-being.

Apricots: Be more yourself and feel more comfortable. By Food Philosophy.

The image others (should) have of us

A much more common reason why we are not always ourselves is that we want to create a certain image of ourselves and try to convey this image. For example, most people want them to be perceived as active people, even if they consider themselves to be lazy. Mostly we also try to appear self-confident and strong, even if the self-doubt is just once again a heavy burden on us and we are miles away from a self-confident attitude. Often these differences between self-image and the image others are supposed to have of us cause us little difficulty. But they do not make us feel really comfortable. On the contrary. If we pretend too often to be someone we are not really at all or if we feel forced to hide our real mood, then this leads to inner discomfort. Internal discomfort can also be permanent when people hardly dare to be the way they really are. A major conflict arises between inside and outside, which can even lead to health problems.

To be yourself = to feel good

Well-being is when we are ourselves. Just as we are. That sounds a bit hackneyed. But let's take a look at a day or a week in our lives. We talk and meet a wide variety of people: Children, partners, colleagues, strangers, family members, friends, etc. and with each contact we try to convey a certain image, fulfil a certain role or simply adapt to the others. So it's understandable that we don't always manage to be ourselves. At the expense of our own well-being.

It is important for people and also for our mental balance that we are who we are. It is essential that we can express our mental sensitivities, our feelings and thoughts on the outside. That we can tell others what moves us and what we really think. The exchange and communication have a purifying effect for us and help us to cope with things. But if we leave nothing of our inner part outside, then this possibility is taken from us and we hold ourselves captive within ourselves.

Harmony between inside and outside

The ingenious thing about the apricot is that it harmonizes our self-image and our image, which we try to convey to the outside world. Apricots encourage us to be as we are and relieve the pressure to meet role requirements or to adapt to others. They help us to achieve more authenticity and genuineness. It obviously makes us humans happy when we are allowed to be the way we are. We all want to feel good and we succeed if we are allowed to be the way we are. If we are allowed to live our own personality and do not have the feeling that we are actually two persons. One for ourselves and one for the others.

Tip for a coffee party

Spend a nice afternoon with friends or family, feel comfortable together and have good conversations. Here an apricot cake is perfect for the coffee table. All guests feel comfortable in their skin and have the feeling that it is allowed to be as one is. Nothing has to be faked and you can say what you really think and feel. Because people actually want to meet each other as they are. Only then do we feel comfortable and really feel that we are being seen by others. Bake apricot cake for a feel-good afternoon.

Apricot Tarte: Have a nice coffee party with family and friends.

You can find my favourite apricots recipes on my Pinterest pin board. You are welcome to drop by.


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