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Food affects body, mind, soul and consciousness. This doesn't sound either new or revolutionary the first time you read it. But it is. It means that every mixed salad, every wheat roll, every sweet, every cup of coffee actively and directly influences, controls and sometimes even manipulates our emotions and thoughts. Here at Food Philosophy you can learn more about the almost unexplored effects of our daily diet.

Medical plants. Of course, they make a difference.

When it comes to medicinal plants, it is easy for us to say that they make a difference when we consume them. In the best case they heal us from diseases, pain, improve our ability to concentrate or help us to fall asleep better. This works with plants themselves, as well as with various herbal teas, tinctures from the pharmacy or with the tablet into which the active ingredient of the medicinal plant was extracted and conveniently packaged. We have no doubt whatsoever about the effects of medicinal plants, which are ultimately the basis of the modern pharmaceutical industry.

Spices. Do they make a difference?

It's a little different with spices. We use spices today to achieve a certain taste. Christmassy with cinnamon, cardamom or cloves. Italian with rosemary, oregano and thyme. Hot with chilli, paprika and pepper. This was not always the case. Only a few hundred years ago there was no separation between medicinal plants and spices. Our modern spices were also used as medicinal plants at that time and at least the effects on the body of every spice were known: stimulating, laxative, calming, exciting. But even this knowledge has largely disappeared from today's kitchens.

Food Philosophy. A new perspective on food. You are what you eat.

Food plants. They do nothing, right?

Food plants have never really been said to have any real effects. But why not? They're plants too, we consume them as well. So why should they be any different to medicinal plants and spices? The answer is as simple as it is significant: there is no difference between a medicinal plant, a spice plant and a food plant. They all have an effect. Holistically. Not only on our bodies and not only when we are ill. But with every meal and every bite we're not just eating interchangeable fruit, vegetables and grain. No. With every bite we're eating something that has a specific effect on us. And our food plants are much more powerful than medicinal plants. The reason for this is simple.
We only use medicinal plants from time to time if we have a health problem. We use spices in minimal doses to create a certain taste. But we eat fruits, vegetables and grain every day.

Apple, carrot, paprika. What has what effect?

This is the mission of Food Philosophy. Find out how our daily food affects us. Food Philosophy does not focus on the nutritional composition of food and how it affects our bodies. Food Philosophy wants to know how food affects our feelings and thoughts. Is there a food for more serenity, for more satisfaction, for optimism? Is it possible to reduce stress and cope better with everyday life with certain foods? These are the questions Food Philosophy answers. Because wouldn't it be great if we could say: "Tonight I want to not worry anymore and really switch off and that's why I'm cooking a potato soup." Or: "I've been really negative these last few days, I need a more positive attitude again. I should eat tomatoes again." We can.

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